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Hunts with a 25% chance or better of being drawn; My son and i have gone on a few hunts.

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The parks, not so much.


Texas drawn hunts odds. Then there are the sites that rarely turn kids away. The state fees range from $3.14 to $10.48 each and we have a flat rate of $200 to process these applications. Texas drawn hunts opened up recently, and they’re a great way to access valuable hunting experiences for a few dollars per drawing chance.

How the drawn hunts system works. Probabilities and cost by species; Since tpwd went to a put in for an many as you want in each category several years back, the odds of getting drawn have greatly diminished.

There are a few with decent odds. So for a total of $290.12 annually you will be in for the very best that texas has to offer in. The texas public hunt drawing system provides opportunities to apply for a wide variety of supervised, drawn hunts including special drawings for both adults and youth hunters on tpwd managed lands as well as specially leased properties.

How the drawn hunts system works; In this guide, we take a detailed, statistical look at drawn hunts in texas, including: Locations with the highest probability of success;

It was never a sure thing since the odds of getting drawn were low, but more years than not we were fortunate enough to get to go hunting somewhere. Yes there are hunts with better odds than the mule deer hunts. We got drawn every year but 2 out of about 10 years.

The trick to texas hunts is youth. As mentioned before, i only apply for mule deer, either sex whitetail, javelina, and the exotics with audad. Some of these public hunting lands are highly managed, such as the wildlife management areas.

They are primarily drawn hunts with pretty bad odds. It happened to me last year on the private land antelope hunt. If you are waiting for the drawn hunts, your rifle might rust up.

Texas drawn hunts are lotteries for the opportunity to hunt managed lands, that are otherwise closed off to hunters. Here is a list of draw hunts on public land where entry is limited, the pronghorn hunt has excellent success rates with high odds at a trophy as do the deer and most hog hunts. Like you have better odds in premier western units bad.

From ducks in the coastal wetlands to hill country whitetail hunts, turkey, alligator. The big difference is that you won’t be hunting massive amounts of property. I forgot to mention before, but i also apply for pronghorn.

I have been applying since the late 90's for some of the hunts. A coworker has 2 boys and puts in for every youth hunt there is. I'm not even sure prefenece points do much any more as i have 13 points in the buck catagory !

Texas drawn hunts are lotteries for the opportunity to hunt managed lands, that are otherwise closed off to hunters. The odds are astronomically bad for the better texas drawn hunts (mule deer, antelope, etc). He pulls 2 or 3 a year.

The texas top 25 selection is a mix bag of the best mule deer, whitetail, exotics, antelope, alligator, and feral hog hunts in the state. Having participated in this program for years, i thought i might share some pointers on how to use the system, and avoid some of the pitfalls i’ve found. When available and when booked in advance, additional ranches located in gonzales county, texas and/or fayette county, texas can be hunted for a trespass fee of $49/hunter/ranch.

1 tag and over 1500 applicants and i got drawn. Most of the these public hunts take place at tpwd’s wildlife management areas, but they also hunt state parks and some state and national forest. The drawn hunts would be great if you could ever draw.

Your best bet is to apply for every hunt you would like. From ducks in the coastal wetlands to hill country whitetail hunts, turkey, alligator. Obviously i’ve been drawn for javelina three times.

The texas parks and wildlife department website ( provides detailed information regarding youth hunting licenses, necessary supervision and hunter education requirements. Rita blanco pronghorns usually takes 10 years, that a whooping $30 in draw and regular hunting license. The documents linked on this webpage are not ada compliant.

The drawn hunt system in texas is fairly easy to. Again, the cost is $3 per hunter and although the odds of getting drawn are not great for every hunt, if you or your group does get drawn then you will get in on a really cheap hunt with a good opportunity to harvest an animal. The hog hunts and lesser hunts are easier to draw but you get one time slot.

One year he got 6 i can think of 2 places that told me they never fill their archery spots i applied for most of. I think there are quite a few deer hunts that the odds aren't real bad, but the ones that are more trophy type are long odds.

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