Hoyt Draw Length Chart

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The answer will be a calculated draw this example it is 20.8 inches. That's a far cry from hoyt's advertised 334fps rating, yes hoyt pro star with carbon plus limbs compound bow with arrows and hard shell case.

Check cam timing, draw length, and draw weight on you

For instance, in this example the calculated draw length will be 21 inches.


Hoyt draw length chart. Now to find out what part of the chart i use i need to figure what my draw length is when my cam is in module position d. Hoyt deflection chart (original version courtesy of hoyt thompson) year bow/riser limbs mdw# draw length cams limb deflection modifications posted by: Hoyt rkt no 2 cam module kit description.

Hoyt bows consistently top the most prestigious podiums and. Draw length set at 28. Hoyt tune charts/protecxt2000 2006 (i assumed it is the newest protec, i.e.

Advice needed on hoyt cam & 1/2 draw length archery. 2021 | ventum 30 (pdf) #ventum #compound #ventum 30 #hunting #archery. The rk module is designed for 2015, 2014, 2013 & 2012 hoyt rkt model bows for modular draw length adjustment.

Record your calculated draw length number. Best rated for its performance in the field. The range of draw length adjustment is different for every bow.

Sorry to say but he will need the e module he has #2 cam not #3. Look on the chart for your bow there is a heading titled module position, for my bow the module position is d. There are 8 rkt draw length modules in the 1 series which fit.

The kit comprises two modules, a top module and a bottom module. Torrex xt long draw tune chart. The days of “reaching” are

The kit comprises two modules, a top module and a bottom module. These modules are no longer available from hoyt, but we do have limited supplies of the following sizes. Unlike longbows or recurves that can be practically drawn back to any length, compound bows have a determined draw length (28”, 29”, 30”, etc.).

The charger module is designed for the hoyt charger model bow for modular draw length adjustment. Ths distance should ot be longer than 3/4, anc) loop inside cma. 2015 hoyt pro edge elite.

Generally the torrex xt has a draw length from 25.5 inches to 30 inches, but this hoyt torrex xt compound bow allows for an extended draw length of 26.5 inches to 31 inches. The hoyt torrex is every bowhunters dream bow for 2021. This year hoyt created a xt in long draw to accommodate those who are tall.

The first step in selecting the correct arrow length is determining your draw length. Dwagoner 117 2007 38 pro xt2000. String length cable length module hole draw length 5 grain speed @ 70 lb 9 grain speed @ 70 lb intruder command cam 60 39 1/2 8 1/4 54.5 36.5 c0 28 55.5 36.5 c3 30 56.5 36.5 c4 31 58 36.5 c6 32 limb wheel ave % letoff ave mass weight ave axle to axle ave brace height string length cable length module hole draw length 5 grain

Cam letoff brace height axle to axle draw length module position base cam string control cable buss cable cam family 65% 7 5/8 36 3/4 24 1/2 n/a 0.5 54.50 41.38 38.75 Then he will need to move the stop. This refers to the idea that when the bow is pulled all the way back until it “locks” into.

You will need the c module for 28 or the d module for 28.5. For instance, on the left the hoyt powermax has two options available. #2020 #torrex xt ld #tune chart.

Z5 cam & 1/2 realtree xtra cam 2014 hoyt spyder 30. Rh modules are for right hand bows and lh modules are for left hand bows. 3.6 lbs axle to axle:

Of course your actual results will be different from my example. At post comments current through post #411…as of nov 3, 2012 2007 38 pro xt2000 50 29.5 cam.5 #3 80 spik4 327 c2 2007 38 pro xt2000 50 30 #4.5 72 from hoyt tech. You will also need to adjust the draw stop on the bottom cam to coorelate to the module you have put in.

Hoyt rampage xt blackout compound bow,hoyt brand case,7arrows,2release hoyt manual allows you to turn out your limb bolts 8 turns,) i have a 30 inch. My hoyt dealer simply switched them out. #spacer chart #new spacer guide #cam spacers #spacer tune chart.

Overall length length 17.25±1/8' serving yoke buss cable size pm #2 pm overall length 38±1 control cable cam size overall pm 2 33.2511 / 1 6 cia. 2021 | new cam spacer tune chart (pdf) a chart to help you tune your cams with the new spacers.

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