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I always first wash them by hand at the end of the day, and within the next few days i’ll machine wash them in cold/warm water. How to wash thinx period underwear:

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Thinx all day, no tampons.


How to wash thinx reddit. If i’m out and about and there’s a chance i’ll need to change pairs, i keep an extra pair of thinx in a waterproof pouch made for storing a wet bikini. Don’t buy the hip huggers or anything with lace, because they will be destroyed immediately. Before purchasing, i researched and read a crazy amount of reviews from blogs, magazines, youtube and even reddit.

I use thinx and love them. I don’t have a chunky, heavy flow, though. How to wash thinxarray|this video is nothing more than someones opinion and is for strictly educational purposes to wash thinxmachine wash thinxdo you have to wash thinx right awayget rid of the smell of a thinxhow often do you wash thinxhow to wash thinx reddithow to wash my thinxhow to hand wash thinx underwearhow often to wash thinxhow to deep clean thinxhow to clean my thinxhow do.

Don’t use bleach or fabric softener! There were a few styles of dear kates that said you could dry in the dryer, which is a plus. Hey y'all, i have only had my thinx for about 5 months, but i've noticed that more and more, they come out the wash still having leftover period/discharge on them.

The amount of times i would have had to change my underwear a day would mean i was doing a lot of laundry just for period underwear. The advice is to wash without fabric conditioner as it can affect the absorbency. In my experience, i still wear a pad for sleeping.

They say to wash because it allows for more absorption after the first wash, but i have used them right out of the package, too…. A lot less tp, and still feeling clean and no odor. Thinx would be in the very least a brilliant back up plan, if not the only option while flying and during the rest of your trip.

Thinx coming out of the wash not clean. Perhaps if i had a large stash of thinx i would have had a better experience. Has anyone else had this?

They have various styles (hiphugger, thong, cheeky, etc.) suitable for your change in flow. After using your thinx, be sure to rinse them as soon as possible in cold water. Thinx are pretty expensive so i just could not justify spending the extra $$ to have a larger collection.

The company advises to wash them in cold water, so i think the warm water has caused some slight fading of the material. I first wrote this article after 6 months of using them and recently updated it to include my experience. Every wonder about those weird period underwear:

You can search for thinx period panties at amazon and get an exclusive range of all sizes. This method works well and i can keep track of the undies better. 3 points · 11 months ago.

The instructions for all of the brands say to wash in cold water and on delicate cycle with no fabric softener and hang dry. Always wash anything brand new that you'll use as an undergarment. They would be efficient, convenient and easy to use while on the road.

Our undies may cover your booty, but we may not have covered all the bases. Then, when my period is over, i machine wash them on cold (delicates seeting) in mesh bag and air dry after. Thinx are expensive ($30ish a pair) so i didn't want to buy a week's worth of undies from them.

At the time i had about 8 pairs. Thinx panties=9 tampons, no pads. Now for cleaning your period panties.

To wash you rinse in cold water first, then wash on a cold cycle. And yes, the rest of your clothes will be fine. Thinx are period panties that are made to be worn during your period.

While writing this post, i checked the thinx website and saw that they now have a “super” version of the panty that should be able to hold twice the volume of the ones i purchased. Wash them and hang to dry by a fan overnight, they dry fast enough. This is my experience about thinx underwear that i bought with my money.

But other than that, mine have not stained. Thinx recommends rinsing by hand before washing. When they are dry, they are kind of hard and it would be like wearing day old used thinx.

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