How To Remove Window Tint Glue From Back Window

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Your dark window tint is peeling. Outlining everything possible, we’ll walk through the process of removing tint glue from a rear window with defroster on it.

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This will probably feel a lot like a “how to remove tint from window” guide but we’ll try to remain focus on only the back window and its tint adhesive.


How to remove window tint glue from back window. A bubbled rear window tint is a cracked or damaged piece of film on the rear window. The window film has an adhesive layer that is protected by a clear liner. 9172012 using this method multiple strips of tint film are applied to the inside of the rear glass typically overlapping on the defrost lines to help hide the seams and give the appearance of a single piece or using relief cuts along the defrost lines that are just long enough to let the wrinkles out.

As with most things in car repair, there is more than one way to do it. The more you know before you start, the easier the. Then spray an adequate amount of adhesive remover on the window wherever you can notice adhesives appearing.

Window tint has evolved, and replacing old tint adhesive is a common automotive repair. Turn off the a/c compressor at the fuse box or remove the fuse that controls the rear window defroster to avoid burning hands. Not the whole bag but a thin layer off of the bag.

The water allows the film to be applied to the glass without any air pockets. Remove the tinting film from the window per manufacturer you will find some small pieces in the window glass.spray some water on the outside of the back window and the lay plastic bag over the glass. Once the moisture is dry, the adhesive is cured directly to the window.

Place the bag back over the window and leave in the sunlight for another hour. It’s best to start removing the window tint glue as soon as you get rid of the film. Whatever the problem, you need to know how to remove window tint.

Let it sit for about 3 to 5 minutes. You can finish removing the window tint glue quickly if you’re using the right tools and techniques. If you aren’t having any luck removing the adhesive with a clean, new razor blade, you can soak it in alcohol to help break dissolve the adhesive.

Removing old tint from a rear window is one of the most challenging jobs you will encounter. Window tint is often used to provide privacy or protection from the sun, but you may find you want to remove the tinting. After one hour take the garbage bag off and reapply the ammonia solution.

First, you’ll have to put on your safety gears. First, clear the window of any obstructions, like the brake light, speaker covers etc. The important thing is to remove the window tint safely so that your defroster is not affected.

Remove the tinting film from the window per manufacturer directions. Now remove the bag from the window. Now the garbage bag will have had enough time to bake onto the tint.

Then we squeegee the product on the glass. Maybe it’s scratched from rubbing on the window felt. Then remove any residue tint on the car window using a steamer and knife or blade.

Then, cover it with a plastic trash bag or dry cleaning bag. You’ll want the width of the sheet to cover your entire back window. Continue with peeling the tint back after using the hairdryer.

One way to remove it is to spray the side with tint with a window cleaner containing ammonia. This only works if the window is in the sun. We remove the liner and wet the adhesive with our soapy water solution.

If you attempt to remove the window tint simply by peeling, you'll probably end up with a sticky mess on the glass. But what can you do about it and is it even advisable to tackle this job yourself? How to remove window tint glue from rear window with defroster.

Precautions while performing how to remove tint glue from rear window with defroster. Next cut open the garbage bag so that it will be big enough to cover the entire window. Wait at least 45 minutes, peel off the bag to remove the tint.

Bubbled, purple, nasty window tint on a rear window! It just takes time and patience. How to remove the window tint glue.

Since the tint is applied with removable adhesive, you can easily remove it, with the exception of the rear window. The back window is easy to deal with when removing window tint remnants. Removing the old adhesive is actually a simple process;

Tint bubbling occurs most often in the 5% window tints because they are so light, and to prevent it from happening, you should apply a ceramic coating to help protect your. Spray some water on the outside of the back window and the lay plastic bag over the glass. It's the window tint nightmare of all nightmares.

The glue on the back of window tint is soluble in ammonia or alcohol. Pull the tint and the plastic down and away from the window using long, firm motions. The tint glue has a solid adhesive quality, so it can harden even after years of removing with water, alcohol, and a heat gun.

Then wipe off with a clean paper towel. The only problem with the rear window is the delicate defrost lines that run.

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