How To Recruit Lysithea Black Eagles


I know i can't recruit hilda but i can recruit lysithea. Lysithea is a powerhouse with growth rates up to 60 in two stats:

Black Eagles, but they're also seals. Fire Emblem Three

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How to recruit lysithea black eagles. I want to choose the protect edelgard route but i am not sure if lysithea will stay in my team afterward. As for the friendship like mechanic, you just do things such as give gifts, invite them when you're doing monastery activities, getting them for mission assistance and building support in combat, etc. Lysithea was accepted into the officer's academy at the age of 15, meaning that she's actually the youngest student to ever be enrolled there.

If this is ng+, recruiting her should be easy. I heard that you can recruit lysithea in part 2 of the black eagles route if you didn't recruit her in part 1. But recruits like hapi, lysithea, and caspar can enrich or empower any playthrough.

His statistics are very good and his basic spell selection isn’t bad, especially with the debuffs, but he he’s very limited in the late game thanks to poor faith spell selection and limited class options. Best units to recruit in fire emblem: Magic and dexterity.when she goes to the battlefield, she can nuke enemies left and right and perform a double attack.

Rosveen 1 year ago #12. 4 she's the youngest student in officer's academy history. If balthus from the ashen wolves has been recruited into the black eagles, he can also speak to lysithea and then to byleth, opening up the chance to recruit her.

It’s a strange position that the black eagles find themselves in, at least when it comes to magic users. You know nothing, prince chrom. Reversal 2 years ago #3.

Three houses players will be super familiar with. Lysithea from golden deer is the first unit anyone would want to recruit. I started a three houses playthrough and chose the black eagles house because it was my favorite character in the game is lysithea and hilda.

Recruitable immediately (chapter 2 onwards) mercedes. I persuaded her, at which pojnt she left the battle, but i was able to use her in all later fights. 2 ağustos 2020 robert stromberg production designer.

Is lysithea just a special case, or is it possible to recruit other students after the time skip? 1) buy tasty baked treats and give them to her whenever you have the. Lysithea von ordelia is one of the characters of fire emblem:

I finally got three houses! Lysithea von cordelia is a name that most dedicated fire emblem: For my 1st playthrough, i'm doing the black eagles route, and i'm only looking to recruit lysithea and ashe (i felt really bad for him after chapter 3).

The two also have very interesting supports if you recruit lysithea to the black eagles house. When it comes to super strong, super frail characters, lysithea is the best in the game. The only characters confirmed to be recruitable post time skip are lysithea on black eagles, lorenz on blue lions and ashe on golden.

If you are playing a girl you get sylvain (and excellent unit btw) for free. Three houses character recruit system is a godsend for players who don't want to sink the time into three separate playthroughs but meet students from other houses they want to get to know better. If you choose edelgard's route, you will not be able to recruit catherine, hilda, and cyril.

When you play the black eagles route, there are limitations to certain characters you can recruit. I can recommend shamir as well. Lysithea might as well be an honorary black eagle, considering her backstory and support with edelgard.

If you're going black eagles, you will almost certainly end up recruiting lysithea one way or another due to plot reasons. Lysithea can actually be recruited in one of the later chapters as well for free. Three houses is a strategy rpg made for the nintendo switch that makes you choose between three different houses to personally teach at.

So you may as well recruit her now and invest in her before then. Lysithea is a powerhouse with growth rates up to 60 in two stats: It is recommended to change ingrid to a pegasus knight to fill the mobility role in the black eagles house.

This allows you to focus train petra as a powerful swordmaster. Magic and dexterity.when she goes to the battlefield, she can nuke enemies left and right and perform a double attack. He fit in well, he and petra were my wyvern duo.

I’d grab lysithea and sylvain. A student of the golden deer house at garreg mach monastery, lysithea is the youngest student to ever enroll. Lysithea from golden deer is the first unit anyone would want to recruit.

If it's a normal game then try this: I also recruired sylvain because female byleth. However, after fighting lysithea on the black eagles route using byleth, i got the option to either kill her or persuade her to join.

These are the black eagles, the golden deer, and the blue lions.

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