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Asking malone will tell you about this. Most tuners make it so the readiness bits show ok, so a quick look at those readiness bits will usually pass.

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In this section, we will assess the illegal methods sane drivers use to pass a smog check.


How to pass emissions test reddit. Your car will need to experience city driving. After going through a series of diagnostic procedures and various analysis the mechanic found the problem. 1 point · 2 years ago.

Sorry this is kind of a repeat post (that must've got deleted somehow) but i learned a lot since! 2003 ford ranger 3.0l, codes: No emissions testing needed for 1995 and older cars as of this year.

In virginia, if you spend more than $780 trying to get your vehicle to pass emissions, they will give you a waiver so you don't need it. However, to answer your real question about passing an emissions test with a dpf delete is not so simple to answer for several reasons. Go to napa and get 4 quarts of heet, ( the yellow bottles, not the red ones) pour in and go through.

The test consists of looking under your car with a mirror, and plugging in the obdii for about 2 minutes. I just got it out of the shop, but i was awarded today with a route with an llv, effective saturday. 114k miles maintained/only owner was la county before purchase (sold to me as a.

On reddit, everyday people talk about topics from their favorite movies to financial advice; First of all, we have to make a plan and stick to it. A veip test is considered to be voluntary when the vehicle is not registered to you (e.g., you are purchasing a used car and want to make sure that it is compliant with emissions standards).

Here’s a summary of advice. And is not technically illegal (in washington) monkeying with your car's computer on the other hand is. They even talk about passing a smog test.

When my car wouldn't pass emissions a few months ago, the mechanic told me there was a sensor that needed to be replaced and it would be about $800 to fix. If it has a catalytic converter you should be good to go. Have a functional 'check engine' light and obd port.

Test as well as pass the areas it passed on the first. They may have some sensors for the exhaust gases, but it's not obvious. Inorder to pass inspection your car needs to complete a full drive cycle so that all (8) internal monitors have a status of ready.

Division of motor vehicles’ license & theft bureau may issue a waiver for a vehicle that meets all the following conditions: Your vehicle can also undergo an unscheduled veip test. The obd test involves checks on a vehicle's obd system for possible issues related to emissions, primarily aiming to find out whether the equipment for controlling emissions is working correctly.

Don't bother with the computer. It has documented repairs costing at least the $200. Waivers are available for vehicles unable to pass an emissions inspection test and are granted by authorized dmv personnel.

7 dollars in and out. A vehicle receiving a waiver is exempted from meeting the full requirements of the emissions test portion of the inspection for one year. You should just need the safety inspection, light brakes etc.

If you know your car is dodgy when it comes to emissions, figure out how you’re going to pass this test before heading in for it. Run the tank down to less than 1/4 a tank. Put pure alcohol in the tank.

Spoofing obdii to pass emissions test this is a bad idea, but i just wanted to get it out of my system. The 'check engine' light must be off. Works about 3/4 of the time.

If any of the (8) monitors have a status of incomplete that means you have not yet completed a full drive cycle and you need to drive your car around more. View entire discussion (3 comments) P0171, p0174 and now all of a sudden p2197.

After the first failed test, i took my suv to my neighborhood mechanic to make the necessary repairs or whatever was needed to pass the emissions test. Help with codes and symptoms please! In this instance, the vehicle's test results will not be recorded in mdot mva's database.

Just tape a paper license plate over your current sticker and you're double protected from getting pulled over. Today i had to take my old honda for a state emissions test. How to pass smog check illegally.

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