How To Move A Gun Safe Down Stairs

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You will get the actual answer by noticing the following steps. But when you need to go up a flight of stairs to the second floor of your home, the move becomes even more difficult and dangerous.

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Table of Contents

#1 prepare for the move.


How to move a gun safe down stairs. The heavy safe can cause serious accidents to occur. The way i did it was to remove the interior shelves/felt, remove the drywall that is used as a firebarrier, then take off as much as you can off of the door (drywall,. Once you come up with a comprehensive and strategic plan with specific routes and the number of people who will help you move the safe, the next step will be to move the safe.

#2 attach the safe on your dolly. To move a gun safe down stairs, you’ll have to use a dolly and use moving blankets. They were carpeted so it worked well.

As you move down the steps, to maintain control you are likely going to have to get to your knees and eventually be sitting on your butt so that you have greater control over the safe. Moving a gun safe up or down the stairs is an even trickier feat, but with the right equipment and planning, you can make it work. Moving the 1000 lb gun safe!

To move a gun safe down stairs, you’ll have to use a dolly and use moving blankets. This can be three or four of your friends or pay some people in the neighborhood to help. The first step is to prepare your heavy gun safe for the move.

They might even know how to move a gun safe. Ask a friend or two to help, preferably ones that have extensive moving experience; It was not a pretty scene.

Using a furniture dolly can make the task of moving your 1000 lb safe up or down a flight of stairs easier. Before pushing the safe over to move to the next step, lean your body back as this will give you greater control of the weight. You have to bring all the materials out before moving them around.

How to move a gun safe down stairs the first step is to get some people to help. Getting your gun safe into your home is challenging even when you know how to move a safe. It gets more difficult when stairs are involved.safes can weigh over a thousand pounds, so if you are wondering how to move a gun safe, we advise hiring verified movers.the sheer weight of it makes your safe more protected, but so do the elements that go inside it.

You might need the help of several people to put a dolly with a safe into this position. Years ago a friend of mine tried installing a large gun safe in his basement. #1 remove anchor bolts & lock the door.

Luckily no one was hurt. The basement stairs were not built to hold 1,000 pounds and collasped when they tried to move the safe. Make sure to remove all the contents, including documents, banknotes, jewelry, guns, and other critical items.

Not only does this step reduce the weight of the heavy safe, but it eliminates the chances of harming your valuables while in transport. Tilt the gun safe while the other person slides the dolly underneath the safe. Gun safes have proven to be an essential item for any gun owner.

How to move a gun safe with a dolly. Just like you should think about how to pack books for moving, you should find a way to prepare and pack your will be ready for the move after you have emptied its contents, such as documents, jewelry, guns, banknotes, and so on. One person moving your gun safe is asking to get hurt.

Ok guys, any ideas on how to move a 700 pound gun safe down the bulkhead (6 steps,concrete) and into the basement. If your safe gets out of balance, it might slip out the stairs. Moving such a heavy object around is a truly challenging task for inexperienced people.

Your best bet is to have a professional safe mover do the job for you. Gun safes are often stored in the lower level of a home such as in the basement of family room. If you must move your gun safe downstairs, it’s important to follow a.

The safe in on sale for $850, so thats over half the price to move and install it.thanks for the help. Make sure to have two or three helpers when moving the cabinet on the hand truck. Protect the gun safe like professional movers do.

Not a gun safe but i had to move a very heavy treadmill down stairs. How to move a gun safe down stairs? End result was he had the stairs rebuilt to support the weight and had the safe installed by professional movers.

The fact that they range in size, from really small to very large, gives them versatility. #2 attach the safe on your dolly. You definitely want some assistance moving your safe.

Moving a heavy object such as a gun safe down the stairs can be very difficult and there is a large potential for injury if the case falls and lands on somebody while moving it. Ok guys, any ideas on how to move a 700 pound gun safe down the bulkhead (6 steps,concrete) and into the basement. Start at the top of the stairs with one person holding onto the.

A gun safe holds various items along with the gun. So take your time with the process and go for a single stair at a time. This time around the biggest challenge would be balancing.

How to move a gun safe down stairs. After grabbing those techniques, you could move your safe at ease. Carefully plan out your gun safe’s movements and you’ll avoid a lot of the trouble.

As a gun safe can be bulky object, attempting to lift one can easily lead to back injury, leg or arm injuries if you try to move it on your own, especially if you want it. Getting it down the stairs is easy. Having to navigate a few steps before reaching your front door adds to the challenge.

If you are asking about a gun safe, i have moved mine down the stairs by myself. The safe company, which is 15 minutes from my house, wants $500 to move it.

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