How To Make My Eyes Look Bigger With Eyeliner


This will make your eyes look smaller and heavy. This technique will make your eyes appear wider, but can be tricky to do well.

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For example, this neon eyeliner look adds a pop of color and lift to your eyes.


How to make my eyes look bigger with eyeliner. If you have small eyes, you need to start applying dark eyeliner slightly away from the inner corners. Get rid of bags and puffiness. Extend the eyeliner beyond the outer corners of your eyes.

Apply dark eyeliner away from the inner corners. Just a few simple tweaks to your makeup routine is all it takes to. My makeup tips for small eyes can be adjusted and used to add definition and brighten the eyes for a natural daily look as well as for a night out or a party, by using eyeliner tricks for small eyes.

For those of you who find that rimming your lids with eyeliner make your eyes look tiny (and there are more than a few of you), there is a move that'll help. To boost the effect of bigger eyes a trick is to put on some mascara on your lower lashes (as well as the top lashes) to cover up excess eyeliner. See more ideas about eyeliner, eye makeup, makeup.

Enlist the help of bright, contrasting colors to make your downturned eye look lifted. Dab a bit of white eyeliner in the inner part of the eye or tear duct and smudge it with a diffusor or your little finger. For a sultry look, pair with smokey makeup.

The first step to making your eyes look bigger in pictures is to reduce any puffiness or bags around your eyes. Either of these methods will result in reduced bags. It's no secret that bigger, brighter eyes make for a more polished look.

Here are the 4 rules to follow to use eyeliner properly to makes your eyes look bigger : Here’s what you have to do to make your eyes look bigger and brighter, young and beautiful: 8 tips for making your eyes look bigger in pictures.

Because the goal is to open up your eyes, start by drawing a very thin liner following your upper lash line. Then connect the eyeshadow on your lower lash. By beth shapour i october 12, 2009

Go for a thinner liner. You can do this by using cucumbers and ice, or by putting drops of cold water around your eyes. Curling lashes and using mascara helps.

Since we've already determined you'll leave your waterline clear of dark eyeliner, this is the perfect area to apply a nude or white eyeliner. Use white to make your eyes look bigger. Adding a bit of light eyeliner on the waterline is one of best makeup tips to make eyes look bigger.

Highlight to save the day: Invest in a good white eyeliner pencil for this. Don’t apply liner all around.

This line should move upwards a little as well, mimicking a very long eyelash. Adding mascara to the lower lashes will further make them seem bigger. It will neutralize any redness of the skin around the eye and make your small eyes look bigger.

But if you have genetically dark under eye circles, are lacking in the sleep department, or have dullness around the eyes, then no eye cream or cooling gel can truly transform the look of your eyes. How to make your eyes look bigger: Before i start with the tutorial, i would like to tell you that the basic trick applied here is to create a thin line at the inner corners and thicker at the outer corners.

This draws the eye outward and makes your eyes look bigger. Tips for glasses and eye makeup it has long been said that wearing prescription glasses can make your eyes appear bigger. How to apply eyeliner to make eyes look bigger?

It makes eyes look noticeably bigger, but be careful, as overdoing it will look awkward. This makes the eyes look bigger than they actually are. 11 ways to make your eyes look bigger colorful eyeliner, the right shade of concealer, and a swipe (or two, or three) of mascara.

Plus if you are skillfull enough, apply an eyeshadow from your crease past the outside corner of your eye so it lines up to where the tail of your eyebrow ends. Rather than lining from top to bottom, skip the inner corners and focus only on the outer v.

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