How To Get Anthony Harris Ip Address Cyberpunk

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In this guide we will help you with all of these tasks in a. That will unlock the definitely option of the dialogue.

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Read on to learn all the available choices in the hunt, how to get the best possible result, tips and strategies for the quest, and all available rewards.

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How to get anthony harris ip address cyberpunk. Go to the next section of the braindance. Check the cartoon in the file folder. This is a walkthrough for the hunt, a side quest in cyberpunk 2077.

The hunt is one of the bigger cyberpunk 2077 side quests and requires you to resolve several puzzles including getting an ip addresses, finding braindance clues and discovering the correct farm to find. Stuck trying to figure out how to get harris' ip address in cyberpunk 2077? I chose to continue by saying “course” instead of “can’t, unfortunately”.

Choose definitely, and you will then have to perform a breach. (optional) get harris's ip address. Check the cartoon file in the file folder.

Cyberpunk 2077 the hunt walkthrough. During the side job the hunt, you will want to know how to get harris ip address in cyberpunk 2077 which is an optional objective.this hunt is a side quest which has quite a lot for you to do like hunting for clues, finding a password and getting an ip address is one of them. My tech skills allowed me to go further and find the ip address of the creepy photo that anthony harris sent.

After completing the i fought the law mission in the game where you first. (optional) look for clues to help find randy. (optional) get harris’s ip address.

Get harris’s ip address cyberpunk. This would be important to help narrow down the location of the where the victims were. How to complete the optional objective.

You can press and hold the exit braindance button to advance to. To complete the main objectives for this quest, you'll first need to check the messages and files on the laptop before. The hunt is one of the side jobs in cyberpunk 2077 assigned to you by river ward.

Taking place at a much deeper point in cyberpunk. Go to the net tab and the mentioned page is already open. Complete the breach sequence to obtain harris’s ip address.

There are a lot of clues to be found and pieced together in this mission and it isn't immediately obvious how to get into the laptop or complete the optional side objective of retrieving harris. If you have 12 intelligence attribute you can pick the dialogue “definitely” to get harris’s ip address. Use the computer and read the messages, especially the second last with the title this is pretty fucked xd by natalie.

Cyberpunk 2077 harris ip address: If you have level 12 intelligence, you can get the ip address of harris. Scan the cow at the beginning and anthony harris’s father and a console left of him a few seconds into the bd.

It seems that randy was emailing a man named harris repeatedly and it quickly comes out that harris is the one who kidnapped randy. Search for anthony harris' hidden page. Lastly scan the injection system to the right of the father at 0:56 and dietary supplements found at 1:03 as tony walks away.

Leave the trailer with river and talk with joss. After finding the clues, talk to joss again. That’s all there is to it.

Cyberpunk 2077 river ward sent that info to his friend to use the image to trigger the comatose anthony to dream. Here, you seem to have an option to continue the case with river or abandon it. The hunt is a major side job which becomes available in act 2 and has you meeting up with river to help him track down randy.

Search for anthony harris's hidden page. If you have 12 points in technical ability, you can grab harris’ ip address. You’ll stay the night, and river will wake you up.

If you have an intelligence value of 12, you’ll be able to get harris’s ip address. Exit the braindance to proceed to the next section. If not, just exit the computer.

In order to get harris’s ip address you will need to have your intelligence at 12 or above. Don’t worry if you can’t do this, it won’t void anything and you can still find all clues you need in braindance section that’s coming up shortly. One of the bigger quests in cyberpunk 2077, the hunt, requires players to solve several puzzles, including the retrieval of harris' ip address.

Now that you’ve got the info you were looking for, follow river back to the main house and sit down at the table to speak with joss.

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Joey Harris Awesomemansemai – Profile Pinterest

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