How To Fish A Jerkbait In Spring


Easy jerkbait tips for bigger spring bass. On the outer tips of the bays on the great lakes, big brown trout and steelhead often rip pointers.

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These jerkbait tips will help you catch big bass this spring.

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How to fish a jerkbait in spring. Fish them in shallow water less than 10 feet deep over weeds or other types of cover close to spawning areas in early. The lure itself should be a suspending model, not a floater. The power of a properly fished jerkbait is unlike any other lure.

Constantly moving, looking, and searching is the key to locating early spring bass and a jerkbait is the perfect lure for doing this. How to fish a jerkbait. One of those is elite pro mike mcclelland, the arkansas angler who gained a higher degree of appreciation for this lure category through the r&d process for the mcstick.

Its time to catch bigger fish! The jerk bait draws on a bass' core response. The jerkbait’s ability to appear very similar to these types of small bait fish are what makes it such a productive lure during this particular time of year.

In the early spring, fish will often be sluggish as they are slowly making their way out of the deeper water and into shallow areas where they will voraciously feed on small bait fish. There are three basic types of jerkbaits: Approaching a dock with a jerkbait.

It’s a lure choice that plays a huge role in a winning spring strategy. A jerkbait isn't near the top of most angler's list when targeting spawning bass around heavy cover, but 13 fishing's ricky teschendorf thinks it should be. When it comes to jerkbait fishing, small details can yield huge results.

Knowing when to throw a tiny jerkbait instead of a large offering or a bold color instead of natural, can make all the difference. At the 2013 classic when christie finished seventh throwing a jerkbait, water temperatures ranged from 44 to 47 degrees, which is “almost prime time for the rogue.” “i have caught bass with the water at 37 degrees,” he says. As he dissects fisheries in search of productive fishing areas, a soft jerkbait allows him to move quickly and eliminate water while remaining efficient.

Ricky explains when to reach for a jerkbait in shallow cover situations and why, against everything we've been told, a braided mainline (#straightbraid) direct to the bait is an excellent choice. The secret to catching early spring bass is finding them. Here are a few tips for catching more springtime bass with a jerkbait.

Part of it is technique, while most is due to its capability to freeze in space and hover in the faces of fish. I prefer using a big bite baits jerk minnow when i'm looking for fish, lane said. Detecting the bite, setting the hook & maximizing your chance of landing a bass on a jerkbait.

Jerkbaits are great search lures. When you consider the jerkbait option, there's two important factors: Cast past your target, reel the jerkbait down to its maximum depth and then let it sit.

If the fish are in a pre spawn mode you will want to target secondary points and humps. Envisioning a bass following your lure and how to generate strikes from reluctant lookers. A straight retrieve makes a jerkbait swim with a shimmying action.

Most smallmouth anglers have used a jerkbait; In the spring time you can get a little closer to the bank with this technique. A floating jerkbait is super versatile and works great for many presentations.

Catching multiple bass off a single spot with a jerkbait. Tips for fishing the jerkbait in winter. Why choose a soft jerkbait.

You can fish it on top or just under the surface. Everything eats suspending baits in spring, including muskies. During the winter and early spring, bait fish will die due to cold water conditions and a jerkbait is perfect for imitating these type of situations.

Spring jerkbait tips for smallmouth bass and walleye. Fish your jerkbait in cold, static water. Most anglers don't try jerkbaits in early spring.

For christie, the best time to fish a jerkbait is the coldwater period of winter and early spring. If they are about to spawn or in the spawn mode you can hit the banks from a safe distance and make long casts. It can trigger an instinctual feeding response from a fish, regardless of their desire to bite.

Jerkbait are designed to mimic the movements of wounded baitfish (e.g., minnows) in very cold water. Bass are aware of how these slow, stunned minnows move, and will be mostly likely to strike at your jerkbait in cold water. Finding bass often means one thing for lane—speed.

Remember they will track this from a long way. This spring put the jerkbait option in your arsenal. The common perception is that jerkbaits don't produce until late spring.

When the conditions are right during spring a jerkbait can be deadly on prespawn largemouth and smallmouth bass.

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