How To Fish A Jerkbait In Cold Water


To get more depth when fishing a jerkbait, simply use one with a longer lip or bill to ensure it will dive down to the appropriate range to get more strikes. Fishing tends to be slower during the winter months but this period can provide excellent bass fishing for the hardcore.

Cold Water Jerkbaits in January! Catching Largemouth

We all hear about jerkbaits when the water’s cold in the winter and then again later as it warms up going into the spawn.


How to fish a jerkbait in cold water. Below you’ll find links to both styles of jerkbait, the gear we use to throw them, and the terminal tackle we use to modify and perfect this presentation. When you’re targeting bass in cold water (below 50 degrees) flash becomes less important, the bait’s ability to suspending in place will be the triggering mechanism to make your fish bite. I like to fish them too under those conditions, but i put something different into my presentations.

The best winter bite occurs on cold, windy and cloudy days. The bass university instructor and cold water bass fishing expert seth feider is on the water to talk about the tackle he uses to fish jerkbaits in cold this bass fishing instructional video, you will learn: Working a jerkbait in the spring

During the winter and early spring, bait fish will die due to cold water conditions and a jerkbait is perfect for imitating these type of situations. Jerkbait fishing tips for ultracold water bass. Experiment with how fast and far you move a jerkbait, along with how long it’s paused, to match fish mood and activity level.

A jerkbait should mimic that. His third trick with cold water jerkbait fishing is to work the lure that way all the way back to the bank. In regards to water clarity, mason requires at least 18 inches of visibility in order to effectively fish a jerkbait.

Water clarity and fish species will determine the depth of the fish. I first noticed something during the 2013 classic on grand lake. Get ready to roll your eyes when they talk about “cadence” and “letting the fish tell you what they want.”

His third trick with coldwater jerkbait fishing is to work the lure that way all the way back to the bank. Generally, it’s best to slow down in cold water. Tim and matt explain the cadence and technique to fool cold water fish into eating a jerkbait.

“that’s what the fish are looking for,” he added. How to improve your cold water jerkbait fishing. If they won't bite a jerkbait, i throw a rapala shad rap, ike said.

“that’s what the fish are looking for,” he added. Cold water jerkbait fish can be caught on these days, but it’s much more difficult. When the topic of winter or cold water bass fishing comes up, inevitably someone is going to discuss how their specific jerkbait technique of ripping and pausing is the best.

Lakes like table rock that have clear water and good populations of largemouths, spotted bass and smallmouth bass will have. I do fish the jerkbait slower than i do during other times of the year and pay close attention to boat positioning to ensure my lure stays in the strike zone. A jerkbait should mimic that.

Amid the annoyance i began to think about alternative cold water baits that might help me get a bite, and wondered what pros like iaconelli, biffle and mcclelland would do in this frustration filled moment of cold water incompetence. Check out the sky before choosing a color. Great time to fish jerkabits;

Cast past your target, reel the jerkbait down to its maximum depth and then let it sit. “if they won’t bite a jerkbait, i throw a rapala shad rap,” said mike iaconelli. The lure itself should be a suspending model, not a floater.

While some bass fishing presentations rely on water displacement or vibration, jerkbait fishing is a very visual technique. How to fish your way around cold water jerkbaits. Legendary ozarks angler randy blaukat is that guy and shares his comprehensive system for catching bass using jerkbaits when water temps hover in the low 40's and even extending.

With water temps at 43 degrees most anglers don't believe bass will feed aggressively but when bass school together they're susceptible to triggered feeding in even the coldest of water. In cold water, timing is everything. Fish are slow and lethargic, but still can’t resist an easy meal that’s timed just right.

0 comment (s) the cold water season can put fish in a slump, but by learning how to improve your cold water jerkbait fishing game with the vision 110+2, you will be able to hit the water with confidence this season. Generally, the warmer the water, the faster the retrieve, the more aggressive the snap, and the shorter the pause.

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