How To Draw A Hedgehog Easy

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Follow along to learn how to draw a cute hedgehog easy, step by step. Draw the eye and mouth.

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Add the smaller body shape inside.


How to draw a hedgehog easy. For the nose, draw an oval at the tip of the snout. Next add eyes, nose and a mouth to make the face of the hedgehog. Mark out a circle and 2 “c” curves as shown below.

How to draw a hedgehog. Hedgehogs are interesting little animals. The hedgehog’s head is in the shape of a triangle, but note that the lines are slightly rounded.

These quills are made of a hard substance called keratin. don't worry, you don't have to draw all 5000 quills in. The muzzle is drawn quite simply. They look like the ears on a mouse.

This will be the head. Firstly, draw a large oval and add a small circle to it. Draw the outlines of the hedgehog’s spikes.

Add cheek spots and ears. Don’t forget to sketch a small line in the ear. Draw the contours of a hedgehog's head and body.

So, we already create the basic contours of the figure of our hedgehog, and starting from the next step we will draw the details, using more clear and dark lines. Draw an oval and a smaller circle within the inner circle, and shade around these to form the pupil. Draw a small circle to indicate shine, and shade the nose.

Draw a small circle for its eye, a small nose and a curved line for its mouth. The initial contours of the hedgehog body are easy. At the end of one side of the head, draw a small circle that is the nose.

This will be the ratio of the hedgehog’s body and his head. This kawaii hedgehog is from squishmallow / squishy squooshems. Draw the legs of the hedgehog.

Now let’s draw its quills. To do this, use a zigzag line that resembles a circular saw blade. Make sure to not make them too big!

To draw the nose, add a circle in the middle of the face. Adding more detail to our prickly friend. How to draw a hedgehog for kids.

Next we can add the eyes, draw two dots for these. Draw a rectangle with fuzzy edges for fur. How to draw, how to draw,cute cartoon hedgehog,step by step easy,follow along drawing lesson,drawing tutorial for kids,beginners drawing lesson,dandelion,quills,grass,porcupine,cute animal drawing,adorable furry animal.

Sketch out a small eye and the tip of the nose. From this perspective, it looks like the outline of the figure of a large insect. Draw the eye, nose, and smiling mouth.

For the next step in how to draw a cartoon hedgehog, draw two large eyes in the middle of the head, followed by a nose and some whiskers as in our illustration. Begin by drawing a circle. Lets start with the head of the hedgehog.

Allow the lines to connect in sharp points. Draw an oval and a smaller circle within the inner circle, and shade around these to form the pupil. Can you draw a hedgehog?

Add matching lines on the other. Draw simple short curves as shown in the figure of step 8. Just try to modify elements a little but….

Draw your little hedgehog and show it up in the class gallery! Please like, comment, and share. Draw the quill lines on one side.

Using a smooth line draw the line of the beginning of the spikes. Start by drawing a sidewise oval. Follow along to learn how to draw this super cute cartoon hedgehog step by step easy.

For the nose, draw an oval at the tip of the snout. Draw the spikes on the back of sonic's head. Erase the first oval shape.

★learn how to draw the easy, step by step way while having fun and building skills and confidence. Do not press hard on the pencil while sketching the hedgehog here. In this drawing lesson, we’ll show how to draw a hedgehog step by step total 12 phase here we create a hedgehog it will be easy tutorial.

Finally, just draw a short vertcial line from the bottom of the nose to the jaw. Add two little ears to the top of the head. They have over 5000 spikes on their back called quills to protect themselves.

Draw a small circle to indicate shine, and shade the nose. Draw the needles on its body as shown in the picture. Our cartoon hedgehog is really starting to take shape!

Draw the eyes and nose ovals. Draw them in a free form, we'll adjust these lines and even erase some of them in the following steps. Learn how to draw sonic the hedgehog from the famous video game series a step by step guide makes it easy to draw his oversized features.

Draw the eyes of the hedgehog. Draw four small oblong shapes, tow at the front and two at the back for the hedgehog’s small legs. Do this by drawing six curved lines, one long and then one short.

Draw two big, watery eyes, using a circle within a circle for each. Draw two big, watery eyes, using a circle within a circle for each. 🙂 you can also use similar shapes to create other cute animals.

Draw two legs and two arms.

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