How To Draw A Fish Easy And Cute

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Begin by drawing a line, slightly curved on each end. How to draw a cute fish cartoon with easy step by step drawing tutorial.

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Drawing and cartoon sketching items you may need:


How to draw a fish easy and cute. It's a simple technique that is very effective and widely used. Draw curved lines inside of them to give them texture. Fishies aren't always easy to draw, but after seeing how they are drawn, i bet you will shock all of your friends with your drawing abilities.

From the flared edges of the first v, draw another rounded v on each side. Within the near eye, draw a circle within a circle. Draw the fish's dorsal fin as a curved that is swept rearward.

For the back fins, these should be sideways raindrop shapes. A true touch of whimsy! See more ideas about easy drawings, drawing for kids, drawing tutorial.

Add any line design you want inside of this shape! The penciled lines will easily erase with a kneaded eraser when you're finished. For the top fin, use a half raindrop shape.

Draw the mouth like a backwards 3. Draw a curved line in the mouth to indicate the tongue. Draw another triangle for the head.

They’re one of the easiest doodles to draw, and here’s one you can try right now: Draw an oval and a rectangle guideline for the fish’s body. At a very young age, we learn how to draw a cartoon fish using only a circle and a triangle.

Gills, fins and a tail. The right eye is just to the right of that, and is two circles, one inside the circle. This forms the first arm of the starfish.

Draw two tail fins and a top fin. Do you want to learn how to draw a cute cartoon fish? A simple fish made with triangles!

Begin by drawing a curved line like a rounded, upside down letter v. notice how the edges of the v flare outward. Learn how to draw a tuna that is cute and easy to create. This little fish is easy to draw with a few lines and a heart for the eye.

Then, add a darker line between each of those back fins to show that there are two fins. Draw two ovals within the inner circle, and shade between the circle and the ovals. Repeat this process for the far eye, using half circles.

A triangle works well for a 'fish tail'. Enjoy this video to make and color your favorite cute drawings using cartoon drawing and sketching supplies given below. For the tail, draw a big triangle.

This triangle's corner, the one that is outside the oval, tapers downwards. Our first fish is the classic shape made from two simple arcs. Doodles would be nothing if there weren’t flowers.

In this video learn how to draw a cartoon fish cute and easy. Easy animals to draw so cute for beginners and kids. The horizontal line through the center will help you to achieve balance from top to bottom.

Here we learn how to draw the basic fish shape and add details which make the fish a fish: Draw a curved line across the front third of the fish to represent this. Draw a curved line on each end of the previous line to outline dory's face.

Draw a long, curving line from each of the lines drawn in the previous step. Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below Outline the final shape of the fish using the guidelines.

How to draw a cute fish. For the left eye, draw a close loop almost to itself on the left side of the circle you drew. Leave a blank space above where we will draw his face and fins later.

Be sure to subscribe to my channel for lots more drawing tutorials! You can draw a cute cat doodle by using just a few lines. Draw the body of the fish puffer by making the most of a very rounded circle.

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