How Much Does It Cost To Level And Sod A Yard

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Homeowners spend an average of $6,000 to level a large yard, and small yards cost $2,000.


How much does it cost to level and sod a yard. The actual cost of sod is about 14 cents per square foot. Unlike seeded lawns, which take one to two years to mature, sod gives you a carpeted lawn almost immediately. The condition and characteristic of your existing yard and lawn actually determine what level of preparation is needed before your contractor could install the sod.

$8 to $15 per cubic yard. Simply so, how much does it cost to regrade a backyard? How much does sod installation cost on average?

It costs $100 per hour in labor to level a yard. How much does it cost to sod your yard? Resloping a lawn requires reshaping the existing earth.

The ground leveling cost does not include the cost for a structural engineer to perform a land survey. Growing a lawn from seeds takes years, but for $0.85 to $1.40 per square foot, a professional landscaper can turn your outdoor space from brown to beautiful in time for your next barbecue with sod. There are many things to consider when pricing a yard for leveling.

The typical cost for a retaining wall is $2,800 to $7,800. Cost to add heavy sod: It is also more expensive than seed, but for many homeowners the benefits outweigh the cost.

You would be in for about $3600 for the cost of the sod.the landscaper that the builder uses charges them about $7000. How much does sod cost? Planting grass or laying sod could be a further expense if you need an expert to install it.

The average cost is between $1,983 with a typical range between $968 and $3,002.the cost to hire a landscaper for labor falls between $50 and $100.fill dirt is priced at about $15 per cubic yard and required to fill in the slope. It will only take a professional a few. The cost to level a yard will fluctuate depending on the slope, how much dirt you need, and whether or not you need a retaining wall.

The homewyse cost estimates include all typical costs for removing existing sod, rototilling soil, leveling and compacting soil base and laying new sod. Expect sod installation to cost $1,000 to $6,000 for small yards that are between 1,000 and 3,000 square feet. Expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000.

When hiring a professional, the average cost to sod a yard is $0.90 to $1.80 per square foot, or $2,180 to cover a 2,000 square foot lawn. Modifications or additions to existing irrigation system(s). The price for the dirt ranges from $8 to $20+ per cubic yard, depending on exactly where you.

When sodding a full 8,712 sf (0.2 acres) lawn from scratch, you can expect to pay between $4,530 and $9,931 on average. Leveling a slope costs between $1 and $15 per cubic yard of dirt. Sod, on average, can cost $1 per square foot to have professionally installed.

Once the site preparation has been completed, the install sod cost might range up to $600 to $700 , while having to prepare other related work might increase the project cost up to. Expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. Beside above, how much does it cost to level a hill in backyard?

If you choose to lay it on a steep slope, you can expect to pay more in labor. Professionally installed sod costs about $0.87 to $1.76 per square foot for labor and materials. Add $1,000 to $3,000 to cover the cost to regrade a lawn if the land is uneven or on a slope.

The prices of each approach reflect this. The typical cost to sod an area is $1,000 to $2,700. The price for the dirt ranges from $8 to $20+ per cubic yard, depending on where you live.

How much does it cost to level a yard? In the initial quote, the fill dirt may not be included, only the leveling. The cost to level a yard will fluctuate depending on the slope, how much dirt you need, and whether or not you need a retaining wall.

For every 1,000 square feet, you need about 10 cubic yards of soil. Accordingly, how much does it cost to level a yard? Applying sod may need to be done annually, whereas spreading mulch may need to be done several times a year.

The average cost to level a yard is $3,500 for labor and materials such as topsoil. Let’s take a close look at the costs of the operation. How do you level a backyard?

Sod prices average $1.50 to $4 per square yard at the time of publication, depending on the grass species, so sod for a yard with an area of 0.25 acre will cost about $1,815 to $4,840, since 1 acre equals 4,840 square yards. How much does it cost to flatten a sloped backyard? In the initial quote, the fill dirt may not be integrated, only the leveling.

On average, sod costs between $0.30 to $0.83 per square foot. Average cost to sod a yard per square foot. The homewyse lawn re sodding cost estimates do not include costs for excavation, demolition and removal of existing paving or hardscape;

Cost to sod a small yard. Sod, on average, can cost $1 per square foot to possess professionally installed. Retaining walls are the most expensive option, but they are also the most durable.

Leveling a yard is excellent when you think about it—no more pushing uphill with the lawnmower, no more tripping and stumbling, and you’re likely saving your foundation down the road. It does not include extra fill dirt, which costs on average $8 to $18 per cubic yard. David says the typical grading job takes a few days and costs around $2,500, including materials such as topsoil and sod, but cautions that this number can vary greatly depending on the specific job.

On average, the cost to level a yard is around $2,000.

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