How Long Do You Have To Wear Invisalign Retainers

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Often, people have the misconception that orthodontic treatment takes years. Invisalign is a brand of clear aligners that are used instead of traditional metal braces.

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After completing your orthodontic treatment, you may have been told that you have to wear retainers for the rest of your life.


How long do you have to wear invisalign retainers. Retainers are an important part of the invisalign process that prevents your teeth from drifting out of alignment. On average, you’ll wear a series of clear aligners for 12 months. The length of time that you’ll have to wear your retainers after invisalign will depend on your customized treatment plan and other factors that are unique to you.

How often do i wear a retainer after invisalign? It is advisable to wear invisalign braces as per the advice of your dentist. Invisalign® can straighten your teeth in as little as 12 to 18 months.

For this reason, you won’t have to wear your orthodontic retainers as frequently to maintain your beautifully straight smile. This is the result of everyday wear and tear on your teeth as you bite down, chew, swallow, and speak. Dds and alexander quezada dds of colonial dental group strongly recommend that you do.

Once 12 months have passed, you should have enough new bone deposited around your teeth to keep them stable. However, advances in technology make treatment faster and more comfortable than in the past. It takes about 9 to 12 months for your body to build up.

If you have been wearing invisalign clear aligners and are nearing the end of your treatment, you may wonder if you will wear retainers. How long do you need to wear the retainers? This doesn’t mean wearing them 24/7 forever, but it does mean wearing them at regular intervals for the rest of your life if you want to guarantee no relapse.

This is why wearing your retainers after straightening your teeth is so important. When you’re done with your invisalign treatment, you'll wear retainers to protect the results of your treatment and keep your healthy, fresh smile in place. That thing is to wear a retainer for a while, but not forever.

It will bring the desired result. The complete guide to invisalign vivera™ retainers. Once your aligners are removed, you’ll need to wear your retainers for at least 22 hours a day, or as recommended by your orthodontist.

Now, many people can expect results in half as much time as before! After this phase, you’ll transition to wearing the retainer only at night, every night. Once you stop wearing invisalign, you need to wear orthodontic retainers so your teeth are held in place while new bone is deposited.

As a general rule of thumb, however, it’s recommended that patients wear a retainer for 12 to 22 hours per day, every day, for three to six months. Check out our other blog for more information about how long you can expect to wear retainers after invisalign treatment concludes. This period could be longer or shorter.

On average, invisalign treatment takes 12 to 18 months. Some of them may have to wear an invisalign retainer after that too. How long do retainers last?

Your cosmetic dentist will give you customized recommendations, based on your unique issues. Even the best type, like vivera retainers by invisalign, do not last forever. Moreover, you have to wear more than one invisalign braces as your teeth straightening happens.

It’s normal for your teeth to slightly shift after having your invisalign braces removed or once you stop wearing invisalign. After that, you will likely be able to. While this sounds awful, retainers usually only have to be worn during the nighttime hours.

How long do you wear a retainer after invisalign? Our dentists may recommend only wearing your retainers 3 to 5 times a week. 5 you wear a series of ‘invisible’ removable aligners over time, and they gradually straighten your teeth.

When you first start wearing your retainer, you’ll wear it for 24 hours, through the day and night. Teeth do shift over time, but wearing your retainers will keep them in their new positions. After about 2 months, you get to reduce your wear to nights only!

Once the new bone has developed and your teeth have fully stabilized into their new positions, usually after a year, it’s still crucial to wear your retainer, but you won’t need to wear it. Vivera retainers, which are made by invisalign, tend to last significantly longer then essix retainers. Wearing invisalign retainers is a lifelong commitment.

If you wear your retainer for the recommended 22+ hours per day, you should not have any issues with teeth shifting and you can then move from all day wear to overnight retainer wear. The answer is yes, and david l. This is optimal when your teeth are in their most vulnerable state.

During invisalign treatment, your jawbone would have softened or disappeared (a process called resorption) so teeth could move into their final positions. You would be even more excited if you did not have to swap your invisalign for a retainer. Once an individual has gone through an invisalign aligners process, they will have to wear a retainer for the rest of their lives.

There are several types of clear plastic retainers: If you are asking yourself when it will all end, the answer is ‘soon enough.’ you just have to do one last thing. How long do i have to wear invisalign?

Your retainers will fit for as long as you consistently wear them. You are probably asking yourself why you need to wear a retainer at all. Do you have to wear your retainer forever after invisalign?

After completing invisalign treatment, we recommend wearing your retainer night time for as long as you would like to keep them in their new positions.

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